How Home Depot is Winning with How-To Video Content

by Andy Smith
You may not realize it but Home Depot is an expert in home improvement how-to videos. Its YouTube channel is sitting at just under 100 thousand subscribers, but it has used its know-how to leave a 45 million+ view footprint on the how-to space. It has focused heavily on the hygiene part of the Hero, Hub, and Hygiene strategy with solid results.Read the full article

How To Build a Fire Pit

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How to Fertilize Your Lawn - The Home Depot

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Joe Flacco Football Party Fail | Pepsi

Joe Flacco Hilariously Fails At Hosting A Football Party In this totally serious documentary, watch Joe try to Up His Home Game with help from our Specialists. If you’ve ever wanted to see an NFL player tear apart a bag of chips, jam his elbow into an ice bucket filled with beverages, or line up for a snap behind a startled party guest, then this is the film you’ve been waiting for. Starring Joe Flacco, a bunch of people you’ve never heard of, and a ridiculous amount of Pepsi and Tostitos product placement, this “Can’t miss!” unbelievable true(ish) story has all the makings of a late-summer blockbuster. Subscribe: Connect with Pepsi: