How to Optimize Title Tags for Higher Rankings and Better Click-Through #JimAndAnn

by Jim Boykin
Title tag is the most important element of your web page: It helps you rank higher, it can improve your click through, it can catch an eye and get people share your page on social media. Title Tag Optimization Tips Google will only display ~70 characters (512 pixels) within search results. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it longer The best practice is to include y ...Read the full article

Title Tags SEO Tips at #JimAndAnn Show

Title tag is the most important on-page element: It can improve your page rankings in Google and Bing, get people click your SERPs listing and encourage readers to share and re-share your article on social media. The CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas Jim Boykin and the Brand and Community manager Ann Smarty are discussing various tips on how to make you titles better to improve your rankings and CTR.