Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: September 18, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Video: Google Repeated Manual Actions, Yandex Penalty & Bing Shuts Link Explorer - This week in search I covered the news that Google will serve up harsher penalties for repeated violations of Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Yandex penalized hundreds of links sellers the other week. Bing is going to shut down the Link Explorer tool in Bing Webmaster Tools. Google has finally killed off the search queries report in Google Search Console. Google is suing an SEO company for robocalling and confusing businesses in thinking they were Google. Google had a serious image search bug this week in some regions. Google said keep your 301 redirects live for a year. Google said they still just have a desktop index, no mobile index. Google said you can link your articles to e-commerce products. Google said their crawler can submit forms, in some cases. Why is Thumbtack risking another link penalty? Google dropped even more Google+ links in the search results. Google AdWords added call forwarding numbers in Canada. Google now requires GTINs for merchant shopping feeds. Google AdSense released a new mobile app. Google Pegman dresses up on your birthday. Finally, Dana Lookadoo has passed away and the industry is expression their sympathies. That was this passed week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google: If You Repeatedly Spam, You Will See Harder Penalty Actions : Yandex Slaps Link Sellers : Bing Shutting Down Link Explorer Three Years After Resurrecting Yahoo Site Explorer : Google Search Queries Report Goes Offline Today : Google: We're Suing An SEO Company For Robocalling & Confusing Businesses : Google Image Traffic Shows Significant Drops, Is It A Bug? : Google: Keep Your 301 Redirects Active For Over A Year : Google: We Still Only Have A Desktop Index, No Mobile Index : Google: Internal Article Links To Your E-Commerce Products Is Not Over Optimization : Google's Crawler Only Submit Forms When It Can't Find Your Content : Thumbtack Risking A New Google Link Penalty? : Farewell: Google Drops Google+ Links & Reviews : Google AdWords Canada Gets Call Forwarding Numbers : GTINs Required In Google Shopping Feeds Tomorrow : Google AdSense Gives Mobile App A Fresh Update : Google Maps Pegman Has A Birthday Surprise For You : Dana Lookadoo, The Light Of The SEO Industry Has Passed Away :

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