SEO, App Indexing, and Deep Links: Cutting Through the Confusion

by David Portney
Every SEO knows that Google indexes web pages. But did you know – even if you’re not an SEO professional – that Google is now indexing content pages residing inside an app? That’s right; those applications you have on your mobile devices and that are in the Apple and Android app stores? Google can now index not just the home screen of the app, but all the other content and s ...Read the full article

Get your app found on Google (100 Days of Google Dev)

Mariya shows you how to use the new reports of Search Console to get deep insights on how to optimise your app’s performance in search results and get found on Google. 100 Days of Google Dev / 100 developer videos over 100 days / #GoogleDev100 Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at:

Steve Jobs: people not spending their time searching

Is your app in the Google index?

Get your app in the Google index — and be ready for the future of search! Try the hands-on codelab at: In 1998, Google set out to index the web and make content easily accessible and discoverable. Today mobile app adoption is growing rapidly and we’re bringing the same accessibility and discoverability to apps. App Indexing is the ability for Google to index apps just like websites. Deep links to your Android app appear in Google Search results so users can get to your native mobile experience quickly, landing exactly on the right content within the app. Drive return visits to your app For users who have your app installed, having deep links appear in search results will help drive organic traffic back to your app. Re-engage your users For users who have viewed pages in your app, and later searches for similar content, you can use the App Indexing API to have deep links appear in search suggestions. For example, a user visits a pizza restaurant page in an app. The next time the user searches for pizza, a deep link will appear in search suggestions before seeing search results. Create a seamless experience for your users App indexing is flexible—you can direct search users to your app or website on a page by page basis. Moving from search results to apps is seamless, without any pop-ups or extra taps to slow users down. To learn more, check out:

How to Set up Deep Links on Android

A walk through of Branch Metrics SDK integration and Deep Linking example in Android Studio

Google I/O 2015 - Smarter user acquisition with App Indexing, AdWords and Google Analytics

Speaker(s): Jonathan Alferness; Scott Huffman Description: Content discovery on mobile isn't easy. Luckily, this is a challenge that Google is well positioned to help you with. With App Indexing on Android, you can engage users organically by surfacing app content in the search results page. And you can even drive app installs for users who don't have your app. Google's smart mobile ads platform gives you access to AdWords, the world's largest network, to find the right users who will install and engage with your app, plus you can gain insights through Google Analytics install attribution to know where your users came from. Discover Google's variety of approaches to driving app discovery, growth and engagement in this session. Watch all Google I/O 2015 videos at: #io15