Honda Follows Through Online After Debut Of Stunning 2-Minute “Paper” Animated TV Spot

by Pamela Parker
Have we reached the point where everything in traditional media is designed to drive people online? It would appear so. A case in point would be Honda’s latest branding effort, centered around an animated video called “Paper” that was aired for the first time on CBS Sunday during NFL broadcasts. “Paper” ties in thematically to Honda’s longstanding “Power of Dreams” tagline.Read the full article

Honda "Paper"

Take a journey through six decades of Honda innovation as multiple animators manipulate thousands of hand-drawn illustrations. Experience the Power of Dreams at

Honda: The Making of “Paper”

Take a look at the making of Honda “Paper.” Through the imagination of famed director PES and a team of animators, thousands of hand-drawn illustrations were transformed into a magical 3D world. Find out how everything came to life thanks to the Power of Dreams in this behind-the-scenes video.