12 Things Marketers Can Learn From the Esquire Archives

Esquire, founded in 1933, flourished through the Great Depression, and in the 1960s was considered on par with The New Yorker as a pioneer of New Journalism. Stories written in this style combined journalistic research with narrative techniques taken from fiction writing. Then, Esquire boasted stories by Gay Talese, Tom Wolfe, and Norman Mailer, but today, the publication is kn ...Read the full article

  • The Man Who Led the Esquire Decade

    vanityfair.com - 7 readers - During a decade of war, assassination, and racial fear,Esquire editor Harold T. P. Hayes and his talented staff brought literary and visual firepower to America’s newsstands.

  • Esquire Editor Explains: Women Are 'There to Be Beautiful Objects'

    gawker.com - 8 readers, 352 Tweets - Esquire magazine's editorial philosophy can be summed up as "Booze, Bacon, Bourbon, Books, Broads, Boobs, and Bros Talking About Fashion But Uh, Not in a Gay Way." Actually, we're just giving them a hard time. The real editorial philosophy of Esquire, as stated by Esquire's UK editor, is simply: "Women are objects."

  • Esquire Puts 82 Years of Past Issues Online in New Subscription Archive

    blogs.wsj.com - 8 readers, 91 Tweets - Like most print-centric publications, Esquire is looking for more revenue streams. And in this case, the Hearst owned publication is looking to turn its wealth of archival content in a new business called Esquire Classic.The new subscription site, which goes live on Monday, will feature a searchable database of everything Esquire has published o...

  • 1940s War, Cold War and Consumerism

    adage.com - 8 readers, 3 Tweets - By Felicia Greiff - just now