Moms Love Video: 60% Turn to YouTube for Parenting Advice [STUDY]

by Greg Jarboe

Before and After Pregnancy: Shana | JOHNSON’S®

Three months after getting married, Shana and Cody find out they have their first baby on the way! As a full-time registered nurse married to a golf professional, Shana realizes that having a baby might be a challenge with their careers. Join them as they share their journey before and after pregnancy, brought to you by JOHNSON’S®. After their baby girl Madison arrives, Shana and Cody are full of love, but learn just how difficult being new parents can be! Ultimately, Shana decides that she will not be a full-time working mom and returns to her job part-time, but still works 12 hour nights! Cody provides support by taking on more responsibility and helping out more with Madison. Shana and Cody show that although everything may not go as planned when raising a baby, they would not have it any other way. What was your life like before and after baby? Tell us in the comments below! Learn more from new moms just like you, and also find stories and helpful tips for early motherhood on the JOHNSON'S® website:

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