SEGA, Demiurge Launch Puzzle & Glory on iOS, Android (Interview)

Puzzle & Glory Launch Trailer

Simple Strategies. Epic Possibilities. Battle for free on the App Store and Google Play Store: Engage in an immersive match-3 RPG experience using deep strategy against cunning enemies. Recruit, train, and assemble a team of legendary heroes to dominate the realm with team-based combat. Journey alone or travel with guildmates in a dynamic world where every day provides a new epic adventure. From SEGA and designed by Demiurge, makers of the match-3 RPG hit, Marvel Puzzle Quest, and Shoot Many Robots. MATCH-3 IS JUST THE BEGINNING - Engage in turn-based puzzle combat where every swap of a gem leads to epic victory or bitter defeat - Be on your guard! Enemies can also engage in match-3 combat against you - Anticipate your enemy’s strategy and turn their folly to your advantage DOMINATE WITH LEGENDARY TEAMS OF HEROES - Collect fantasy heroes each with their own role: Tank, Support, and Firepower - Upgrade heroes to improve their stats with rare enchantments - Create epic teams with advantages specific to each adventure - Harness and unleash powerful Hero Skills your enemies fear COMPETE AGAINST RIVALS OR ALLY WITH FRIENDS - Create a guild with friends and together conquer dangerous quests to become the best guild in Aetria - Gather your guild and lead them against epic raid bosses for exclusive rewards - Complete more adventures than your friends to earn rarer loot and treasure - Rule the PVP leaderboards by defeating Aetria’s greatest warriors in the Arena EPIC ADVENTURES UNFOLD EVERY DAY - Quest through daily and weekly dungeons filled with forests, deserts, coasts, and dungeons - Uncover Aetria's hidden secrets and ancient mysteries filled with deadly enemies, treacherous boss battles, and epic treasure - Choose your own path to complete adventures - no two adventures play the same way Each event only lasts for a limited time Befriend new allies and hear rumors within Aetria here: Facebook: Twitter

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