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In the United States, (American) football is king. An entire day of the week, Sunday, is devoted to the National Football League (NFL), but if you take into account Friday night’s high school football games, Saturday’s college football games, and the NFL’s Monday and Thursday night games, in the fall, Americans are practically always watching football.Read the full article

Football vs American Football | Which sport is better? | Top Eleven Infographic

Play Top Eleven for FREE - Watch the video and let us know what you think about the two sports in the comment section below. Two sports connected by the same name, but completely different. It’s Football vs American Football. One belongs to the USA, the other belongs to the World. Let’s compare both legendary games, examine the facts and see which is best! Fact 1 - Fans To start us off, who has more fans? Football has an estimated 3,5 billion fans. That’s roughly 1 in 2 people on this planet. Fact 2 - Average Attendance NFL boasts a bigger average attendance of over 68,000 fans per game though. However, Fans of Fußball club Borrusia Dortmund have the highest game attendance with over 80,354 per game. Fact 3 - Biggest Stadium The Biggest stadium award goes to fútbol! Barcelona can seat the population of Liechtenstein TWICE! Fact 4 - Speed of a Ball If you want speed, kick it don’t throw it. What flies at 211 kmh? A football kicked by Ronny Heberson back in 2006. Rumour has it it was last seen orbiting Mars. Fact 5 - Throwing American Football wins this time with a record throw of 76 metre. Fact 6 - Running Speed This is a contentious one. American footballers are very fast over 37 metres.. but overall footballers win the race. Fact 7 - How far a Player Runs Footballers run more than six times the distance an NFL player does in one game too. Fact 8 - Ball in Play In American football, the ball is in play only 18,3% of the time. Fans can spend the other 82,7% of the time. In Football, most of the time is spent watching... football. Fact 9 - Average Retirement Age Professional footballers play on average 5 years longer than NFL players. Fact 10 - Average Career Length Their average career length is almost 5 years longer too. Fact 11 - Average yearly salary An average Premier League player earns enough in one year to fly the entire population of San Marino to a nearby European city... Or they can have an Ipod shuffle each. Fact 12 - Highest Paid Players Cristiano Ronaldo earns more than any footballer. He can fly the whole population of San Marino to New York… or he can buy them all a cheap car each.. it’s their choice. So there you have it, the facts, stats and the records. Play Top Eleven, become a football manager and create some football stats and records of your own. Your destiny starts now. Thanks for watching!