The Ultimate Guide to Email Etiquette

by Harry Gardiner
Emails are a quick and effective way to send information and data anywhere in the world. Much like any other text-based form of communication, they’re also incredibly easy to misinterpret and take out of context. For the extremely confident, email mistakes can be brushed off with a shrug and a winky face, but for the socially anxious and those who truly care about how they are ...Read the full article


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Email Marketing Best Practices: Our Top Tips and Tricks - Laura takes a look at five tips and tricks for writing a marketing email that gets opened and encourages actions. Including the best ways to build an email marketing list, how to refine your sign-up process, the best subject lines, when to send and how often to send. For other tips about email marketing, check out the Koozai blog Don't forget to Subscribe to our channel to receive a new Digital Marketing video each week! Check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at: