Touchpoints and Moments of Truth – Where Customer Loyalty Begins (or Ends)

by Jeff B. Copeland
A customer sees your van rolling through the neighborhood or calls to make an appointment or visits your website or reads an online review of your service or gets a bill in the mail or returns a purchase—they’re all “touchpoints” where your business makes an impression. Get them right and you win and keep loyal customers.Read the full article

Moments of Truth - Moments that matter (updated)

Every organization is required to interact with their customer. These interactions are called Moments of Truth and they are critical to customer and organizational success. Yet many of them are not really necessary and the ones that are could be significantly improved. Recognizing, understanding and dealing with them appropriately, not only from a tactical point of view but more importantly from a strategic one, is critical to creating long term organizational viability. This is an updated version of an original video posted in 2012.