Video Machine Learning: A Content Marketing Revolution?

by Chase McMichael
Video marketing is being revolutionized by fast data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The dawn of data-driven video is upon us. Video takes the lion’s share of marketing spend and fast-growing mobile video is surpassing all other marketing methods. Video industry leaders who embrace these advanced technologies will establish a formidable competitive advantage.Read the full article

The Age of Insight: Telling Stories with Data

Journalism is undergoing a data-driven revolution. Pioneers in data journalism speak about the role and importance of using data in reporting, walk through some examples of their work, and share their thoughts on where the industry is headed. Featuring Ezra Klein and Melissa Bell from Vox, David Leonhard from the New York Times' The Upshot, Mona Chalabi from Fivethirtyeight, Scott Klein from ProPublica, and Mariana Santos from Fusion.

Video Machine Learning 3 Ways Video Marketing is Changing

Video Machine Learning 3 Ways Video Marketing is Changing

InMobi on its launch of miip with Joyus showing an integrated mobile video experience

CEO Naveen of InMobi demonstrates their discovery platform with integrated video. video was shot at the InMobiReimagine event on July 14th