Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: September 25, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google Penguin, Ranking Changes, PageRank Flow, Hotel Ads & More - This week in search I discuss the upcoming Google Penguin algorithm update that should be here by years end and be real time. I also discuss some possible Google update that is happening, more on that next week. Google mentioned how nofollows may not flow PageRank as they did in 2009 to the follows on the same page and Google beat me up on it. Google is testing a new feature to automatically remove hacked site manual actions when the hack is removed. Pedro Dias, a former Googler, felt it was unnecessary for Google to warn repeated violators. Google removed Facebook’s rich snippets. Google AdWords drops more referrer data in the name of security. Google Hotel Finder dropped their home page and expands their hotel ads. Google AdWords launched dynamic callout extensions. Google Analytics defaults the day view to an hourly chart. I am offline Monday and Tuesday and I apologize for my voice, I am a bit under the weather. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google: The Real Time Penguin Algorithm May Launch Before Years End : Google Web Search Ranking Fluctuations In Mid-September? : Google May Have Changed How PageRank Flows With Nofollow Links : Google: Questions On PageRank Flow Through Nofollows Are Worth Ignoring : Google Tests Automating The Removal Of Manual Actions For Hacked Sites : Former Googler: Google's Warning To Repeated Violators Was "Unnecessary" : Google Removes Facebook Rich Snippets From Search Results : Google AdWords Drops More Referrer Data : Google Hotel Finder Home Page No Longer Exists : Google Expands Hotel Ads To Smaller Hotels : New Google AdWords Dynamic Callout Extensions : Google Analytics Now Defaults Day View To Hourly Graph :

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