Bringing the Internet to more Indians—starting with 10 million rail passengers a day

When I was a student, I relished the day-long railway journey I would make from Chennai Central station (then known as Madras Central) to IIT Kharagpur. I vividly remember the frenetic energy at the various stations along the way and marveled at the incredible scale and scope of Indian Railways. Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Googleplex today I’m very proud to announce th ...Read the full article

YouTube, Now With Offline

Update to the latest version of the YouTube app on your phone and try the new Offline feature. Watch your favorite videos anytime, anywhere, without buffering. Tap the Offline icon to try it now. Check out how buffering makes your head spin:

Internet Saathi

#InternetSaathi, an initiative to empower women and their communities in rural India by enabling them to use the Internet and benefit from it in their daily lives. The initiative will provide basic training on the usage and benefits of Internet for women through specially designed Internet cycle carts that will visit villages to provide easy access to women. Visit to know more.