Authorship and Author Rank: HUGE Signal Most People are Missing

by Jim Boykin
Ever since Google has closed its Google Plus authorship program, you might have had “Authorship is dead” sentiment all over the place. The truth is, that was an absolutely different type of authorship than what we are going to talk today. Google Plus authorship has never been a ranking signal while mapping authors and figuring authorship and influence signals has been on Googl ...Read the full article

What is Authorship and Author Rank and how Google uses the signals to rank web pages

Long gone are the days when Google could rely on backlinks only to rank web pages. Nowadays they are using a variety of signals and one the most powerful signals is how trustworthy and influential the author of the web page is. Google is using different signals to determine the author of the page and then draw connections to the existing author profile they have. Authorship stands for all those flags Google uses to identify the author and Author Rank is the algorithm behind determining how influential that author is. If your brand is cited by influential and trusted niche authors, Google assumes your brand is trusted as well!