My August 2015 Monthly Income Report

by Pat Flynn
Welcome to my August 2015 Monthly Income Report! Each month I publish a detailed report sharing everything from the dollars earned to the lessons learned while running my online businesses. I’ve been doing this since 2008 and they’ve become some of the most popular posts on the blog. Why do I publish these reports? I do this because I believe in leading by example, and it do ...Read the full article

Podcast Movement 2015 Opening Keynote by Pat Flynn - You vs. You (SPI TV - Ep. 26)

My opening keynote presentation for Podcast Movement 2015. I look forward to seeing you all in Chicago at the next event, which you can learn more about at This brand new talk is titled YOU vs. YOU, which deals with the struggle within ourselves when we try something new. For podcasters especially, this is something we all deal with, but this voice within our head lies in everyone. In this presentation, I incorporate a lot of new experimental stage performance techniques to drive home some of the important points about getting over that voice in our head. I welcome your constructive feedback as I'm always looking to improve my on stage presence. Thank you!