4 Major Social Media Trends from One of Europe’s Largest Digital Marketing Conferences

For the seventh year running, the annual international Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference dmexco became the hub of the digital business world for two days. On September 16 and 17, all the major players from the marketing and media world joined key technology providers in Cologne, Germany under the slogan “Building Bridges.Read the full article

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dmexco:social // Opening News of the Day: Instagram to announce - The next steps for Advertising

Amy Cole // Congress Hall // September 17 // 10.15 am

dmexco:visions // The Showdown: Preaching (no) Innovations

Jonathan Nelson, David Shing // Debate Hall // September 16 // 05.30 pm

dmexco:mobile // The Mobile Submmit: Hitting the next Milestones

Robert Bridge, Mahi de Silva, Patricia McDonald, Dan Rosen // Congress Hall // September 16 // 02.00 pm

dmexco:performance // The Performance Debate: Tapping into the Power of Consumer Intent

Michael Kahn, Martin Ott, Sharon Rowland, Jonathan Wolf // Debate Hall // September 16 // 04.15 pm