Webinar Watch: 2015 Search Marketing Trends & ZOG Digital’s Proprietary Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool

Miss our webinar? Want another look? Check out the recording below to watch ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern and Jason Squardo partner with Forrester Research’s Colin Colburn to discuss the impact of search marketing trends. See how our proprietary Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool, validated by Forrester, helps brands leverage these opportunities by projecting traffic and revenue fro ...Read the full article

2015 Search Marketing Trends & ZOG Digital's Proprietary Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool

ZOG Digital and guest Forrester Research will address the state of search in 2015 and the impact on digital strategy for brands. Learn how to build the business case for SEO and content marketing while forecasting potential return with the Keyword ROI Forecasting Tool developed by ZOG Digital. In this one-hour webinar, ZOG Digital's Senior Vice President Thomas Stern and Executive Vice President of Optimization Jason Squardo will present with guest speaker, Forrester analyst Collin Colburn to discuss the latest data and insights on: - The impact of 2015 search trends on digital strategy - Learn how to build a quality business case for SEO & content marketing - Forecasting traffic and revenue gains - Assessing investment and return comparisons with paid search - Methodology for prioritizing keywords and topics for content marketing - Understanding competitive search share and the ability to expand reach