Event Recap: Audience-Powered Breakthrough

Earlier this week, SEM experts from Boost Media, IgnitionOne and DialogTech discussed using audience targeting to optimize search results in an exclusive webinar. As personalized marketing strategies based on refined audiences continue to be an invaluable tool fo ...Read the full article

The Audience-Powered Breakthrough: Using Search to Optimize Results

With competition in search constantly increasing and cost-per-clicks on the rise – up 40% between 2012 and 2014 alone* – a personalized marketing strategy based on refined audiences is fast becoming a marketer’s most important tool. Watch this recorded webinar from IgnitionOne, Boost Media and DialogTech to gain insights on: - How to appropriately leverage data in audience creation - The power of focusing on refined audiences versus general targeting - Creating targeted messaging strategies to engage with a specific audience - Implementing a testing framework to measure success - The role phone calls play in SEM and how to personalize the caller experience to drive revenue - How to attribute and analyze phone calls from search to optimize marketing performance and ROI Speakers: Dave Ragals, Director of Search at IgnitionOne Rob Lenderman, COO at Boost Media Steve Griffiths, SVP Marketing at DialogTech