Smile, “Squinch” and Get Your Best Profile Picture Online

by Jeff B. Copeland
Smile, “Squinch” and Get Your Best Profile Picture Online October 2, 2015 - Posted by Jeff B. Copeland to Local Marketing/ Social Media No pressure, but a whole lot of your future career and success in business depends on that profile picture you put on LinkedIn, not to mention your website homepage, your bus bench ad, your business cards and wherever else you display your ...Read the full article

It's all about the Squinch!

Look more photogenic every time you step in front of a camera with this move PEOPLE! It's all about the Jaw started the series, so check that sucker out too! For more Peter Hurley action check out For more photography tips: For his workshops,speaking & photographer network/coaching: For his photography products: Video shot by Eduardo Angel: Also, squinch is actually a word even though the spell check won't let it fly. Check it out here: Funny, glad I was on the right track. Special Thanks to the actors who were professional squinchers! In order of appearance: Lukas Hassel David Heartstone Janice Amano Aaron Fried Alice Lee Nick Daly Taso Hountas Aina Aussarbayeva Aina

It's all about the Jaw!

Want to look more photogenic or photograph people looking more photogenic? Peter Hurley explains how he accentuates the jawline of his clients with a few simple tips that you'll want to add to your repertoire for quick use whenever you have a human being in front of your camera. If you want to dig deeper into these concepts check out his DVD "The Art Behind The Headshot." or and