23 Principles of Attention-Driven Design as Demonstrated by Album Covers

In the age of digital distractions, how can you get people to sit up and pay attention? You can shock people. You can tease people. Or, as Oli Gardner breaks down in his ebook about the 23 principles of Attention-Driven Design, you can include visual cues and clues to help guide people toward the goal of your page.Read the full article

U2 - Love Comes Tumbling

This is Larry in Love Comes Tumbling and I think, this is what you like to see ^^ I've chosen the version on "B-Sides 1980-1990", the original one is on the EP Wide Awake in America and the The Unforgettable Fire single from 1985. I found out that there were even three versions of this song. The first one with the false start (this one) is almost identical with the second one except of the longer intro. The third version has different lyrics and has been released on the Australian "The Unforgettable Fire" single. At last I have found this song, but I think it sounds pretty odd...

Sesame Street - "One of these things..." (Bird seed)

Which bowl of bird seed is not like the others. "If you're over a year and a half old, you should figure it out" is what I ALWAYS thought about these "One of these things..." segments.

VW Pink Moon Commercial

Nick Drake