Someecards brings its shareable native ad formula to video

by Shareen Pathak
Someecards is hoping its brand of offbeat, brutally honest workplace humor will translate to video. The e-cards publisher is working with Above Average for a new animated Web series called “HR Violations.” The series applies the wry Someecards tone to the story of a human resources manager named Abby, who deals with the assorted bizarre HR issues that come up as a matter of course in offices.Read the full article

HR Violations - "Jadon"

Abby finds creative solutions for a coworker's Internet issues. Someecards: Above Average: Created By: Brook Lundy and Dan Wilbur Cast: Arielle Siegel, Jo Firestone, Jeremy Bent, Don Fanelli Writers: Brook Lundy, Dan Wilbur, Anna Rubanova, Jason Mustian, Jake Currie Producer: Josh Poole Producer: Anna Rubanova Animator: Leah Shore VO Director: Anna Rubanova Mixer: Adam Bozarth Music: "WickY WicKY" by DJ Matty Klein