Analysis and Findings From The September 2015 Google Algorithm Updates (9/2 and 9/16): Panda 4.2 Tremors, Manual Updates, The Methode Philosophy, and More

by Glenn Gabe
In my last post, I explained what I have seen during the extended rollout of Panda 4.2. I ended up analyzing over seven weeks of Panda data, since P4.2 is going through an extended rollout. And yes, it’s still rolling out now. More about that soon. Overall, it had been very quiet leading up to that post.Read the full article

Google's Gary Illyes Chats Algos & SEO with Bruce Clay

SEO personalities – a voice of Google +Gary Illyes and +Bruce Clay – get together for a _*quick*_ morning Q&A you won't want to miss. ● What are the most important ranking considerations out of: https, mobile, local – and why? ● Updates – when will they happen? Penguin and Panda are expected. What else should we expect? ● What website mistake makes you cringe most? Be sure to RSVP yes for a reminder!