Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: October 2, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google Hacked Site Algorithm, Bing Search Update & AdWords Updates - This week in search, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report. I also covered the new hacked sites algorithm Google launched, but is it only impacting spammy queries. Google may have had an update early this week, hard to say for sure. Bing also may have updated their search rankings. Google’s Panda update is rolling out still and that part is automated. Google says don’t remove content to fix Panda issues, make better content. Google said if you do remove content use no index over 404s. Google said it is best not to build a site based on public data. Google said if more people used the rel=author then they’d use it. Google says if a scraper is outranking you, then your site might have search quality issues. Google launched AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google is testing a new “live” label in the search results. Google AdWords has a quick link to both the search terms and negative keywords report. Google AdWords has a new report named shopping assortment report. Google AdWords has a new ad customizer for location of the searcher. Google AdSense is now faster to sign up with. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. October 2015 Google Webmaster Report : Google Releases New Hacked Site Algorithm Impacting 5% Of Queries : Google's Hacked Sites Algorithm Only Impacts Spammy Queries : Google Search Fluctuations & Ranking Changes Chatter Continues : Possible Bing Search October 2015 Update? : Google: It's Correct That Panda Is Manually Being Pushed Slowly At Intervals - Really? : Google: We Don't Recommend You Remove Content To Fix Panda Issues : Google: When You Block Thin Content Use Noindex Over 404s : Google: It's Not A Good Idea To Build Web Sites On Public Data : Google Confirms They'd Use Rel=Author If More People Were Using It : Google: Scrapers Only Outrank Sites That Have Other Search Quality Issues : Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project : Will It Last? : Google Red "Live" Label In Mobile Search Results : Google AdWords Keywords Tab Now With Search Terms Report & Negative Keyword Report : Google AdWords Shopping Assortment Report For Products You Don't Sell : Google AdWords Location Based Ad Customizers Enabled : Google AdSense Sign Up Process Now Faster :

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