Blog Topics: How to Come Up With Blog Post Topic Ideas!

by Ian Cleary
If you mess up with the things you write about on your blog, you can say goodbye to any juicy traffic from Google. But – with the right ideas – your traffic will grow every week. Are you curious about how to find the right topics to write about? Well then… … You might as well read on.. Look: Google is changing. I’m sure you have noticed. So many algorithm updates.Read the full article

How To Use Keyword Planner To Find Keywords For Your Blog

How To Use Keyword Planner... Click Here to learn more about SEO: People often ask me for SEO tips and I find that one of the best tools to use for SEO is Keyword Planner Tool. But the issue is that most people do not know how to use keyword planner in the right way. In this short video I will show you how to use the Keywrod Tool Planner in the correct way so that you can start to rank on Google in no time! Check Out The Blog Post Here: ================================================ Website: Email: Phone: 289-644-7413 Facebook: ================================================ How To Use Keyword Planner ON REPLAY ================================================ ================================================ DS Domination Proof Review ON REPLAY ================================================ To use this tool you will need a Google AdWords account. Once you have that you will need to simply login and click on the tools button in the menu bar. From there you can select the Keyword Planner. Now, in order to use keyword planner in the right way you want to go ahead and choose the very first option "search for new keywords and ad ideas". From there you want to go ahead and enter in a "seed word". For example you would enter in a very broad term such as Keyword Planner. The tool will then give you hundreds of results related to your seed term. Example: How to use keyword planner, what is keyword planner, keyword planner tool etc. Now, you want to make sure you are choosing at least 5 words and in particular you are aiming for low competition words with at least 1000 searches per month. Now, if you are a new blogger you can go ahead and look for searches in the 2-300 range but make sure you are choosing words that you can win easily. Out of those 5 keywords you want to ensure 1 of those words is your main word. You The key to incorporating these words into your blog for SEO is to ensure that you utilize them as part of content that adds value. Try to ensure your blog post is at least 500 words. Try to ensure you utilize all your keywords in your blog post with your main keyword being mentioned 5 times. Make sure your main keyword is in the url and also if you have any pictures ensure that your alt text includes all the keywords. If you do this and write one blog post every day for 90 days you will start to get thousands of visits to your blog each month. This is how you can take your online business to the next level. This is the proper way how to use keyword planner! ================================================ Get your free 4 part series on my personal SECRET EBAY TIPS by visiting ================================================ INCOMING SEARCH TERMS: Keywrod Planner Tool Keyword Planner Keyword tool External DS Domination Keyword Tool Planner SEO SEO Tips How To Use Keyword Planner How To Use Keyword Planner | Join With The #1 Team In DS Domination | How To Use Keyword Planner