Lucky Charms targets the ‘marshmallow-obsessed’ in hashtag sweepstakes

It’s magically delicious and extremely rare. Finally, General Mills is releasing boxes of Lucky Charms that only have the sweetly flavored marshmallows and not the stale-tasting toasted oat pieces that get in the way of a delicious, if not strictly nutritious, start to the day. But there’s a social media marketing catch: The brand is giving away the cereal to only 10 winners a ...Read the full article

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only

The unicorn of the cereal world is real! Biz Markie and Lucky Charms team up to launch #Lucky10Sweepstakes—the first time in history America’s favorite marshmallows are available in official Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only boxes…But only for the lucky 10. For a chance to win, snap a selfie holding an imaginary "Marshmallow-Only” box, and share it on Twitter ( or Instagram ( tagged with #Lucky10Sweepstakes, or post it to the Lucky Charms Facebook wall ( Entries may be featured on Lucky Charms’ social. Rules apply. Check ‘em out here: