IHOP’s suggestive tweet about women’s breasts falls flat

IHOP is waking up with a lot of egg on its face. Last night, the breakfast chain was slammed on Twitter for sending out a sexist tweet joking about women’s breasts. “Flat but has a GREAT personality,” the tweet’s caption said with a glamour shot of pancakes. The tweet, seen below, was sent to its 242,000 followers and was deleted after it garnered a lot of backlash: Uh @IHO ...Read the full article

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    adweek.com - 7 readers, 765 Tweets - Who knew IHOP was so hip? The pancake chain has found its voice on Twitter, and it sounds an awful lot like a teenage hip-hop fan. That's why most adults might not have any idea what the food company is saying in its messages, but the kids do. So, this week, IHOP sent a tweet that really got us wondering, who is behind this account?