7 Simple Visibility Tips That Can Make a Big Difference

by Denise Wakeman
7 Simple Visibility Tips That Can Make a Big Difference By Denise Wakeman Leave a Comment Little tweaks can make a big difference. As I discuss in the short video (1:37 min) below, once you have your foundation established, then you move into the strategy and tactics to amplify your message. I asked some of my Online Visibility Challenge alumni what they have implemented ...Read the full article

Visibility Tip - Is Your Business Invisible?

http://denisewakeman.com/visible | Visibility Tip from Denise Wakeman Notes: I remind my clients that if they cannot be found, if their business cannot be found online, then it's like they're invisible, and if they're invisible, then their potential clients, the people who they want to serve will find someone else because there's plenty of competition out there. So, it's really important to actually want to get out there to be found and there are a lot of ways to do that. You've got to start with the foundation pieces and that is making sure that you have some kind of online real estate, so a blog site, website. You need to have some way to capture email addresses, an email service provider so that you can have a conversation with people, and let them know what you're doing, and how you serve them, and you have to, of course know who that audience is, and what your message is. So, that sets up the foundation piece and once you're there then it's about creating the content that is in alignment with your message and in alignment with what that audience wants to hear. Whether you're thinking about these people as an audience, or a tribe, a community, they're the people who need what you have to offer, and they want what you have to offer if they know about it. Recommended Reading: How Do I Start Building My Platform? http://goo.gl/qTfGyU Contact me at http://DeniseWakeman.com Learn about the Online Visibility Challenge at http://denisewakeman.com/visible