Sponsored Content Fails: Paid Posts That Hurt

Published 1 min ago 27 Crafting great journalism is hard. Not only do you need an important story to tell, a smart journalist has to figure out how to get the facts, arrange them into a meaningful narrative, write it up smartly, and then get it in front of the public. In contrast, most sponsored content or native advertising should be considerably easier to make.Read the full article

  • TeradataVoice: What Do Kevin Bacon And Big Data Analytics Have In Common?

    forbes.com - 7 readers, 379 Tweets - by Cheryl D. Krivda Do you know the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” It’s the one in which competitors try to link celebrities to the prolific “Footloose” star in six or fewer steps by finding movie relationships between him and various actors. For example, Elvis Presley links in just two [...]