Actionable Content Tips for Product Pages #JimAndAnn

by Jim Boykin
Content pages are important search engine traffic landing ages because that’s where a user can convert immediately. Unfortunately product page content is often thin, duplicate or database-generated (not unique). Product Page Content Tips Here are some tips on making your product page content better to both rank high in Google and convert well: Include more product photos ( ...Read the full article

How to create content to product pages #JimAndAnn

If you are into ecommerce, your site product page is the most important page: It's what leads to the actual sale. But it's also the hardest to optimize, because if you have hundreds of products, creating good interesting content for each page becomes an issue. This episode with CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas Jim Boykin and Brand and Community Manager Ann Smarty gives you some advice on how to create content for your product page, how to smartly use user-generated content for that or what to do if you cannot create enough great content to satisfy your needs.