Case Study: How IBM Changed Perception & Increased Revenue by 20% YOY #MPB2B

by Ashley Zeckman
“Why note let every client who sets foot in the door know that this agency has entered the future?” – Don Draper If you ask most people what they think a mainframe is, most will likely get visions of black and white photos of antiquated computers housed in an IBM backroom. As the Vice President of Z Systems Marketing for IBM, it’s Deon Newman’s job to change that perception.Read the full article

IBM Mainframe: Walmart helps 250 million people a week save money and live better

The customer comes first. That's been Walmart's guiding philosophy since its days as a Five and Dime in Bentonville, Arkansas. And that simple idea has helped Walmart establish a strong retail presence in 27 countries around the world. This kind of global retail empire demands innovative technology so customers all over can have anytime, anywhere access to the things they need most, helping them save money and live better. To learn more, visit:

IBM Mainframe: Visa is one of the largest electronic payments networks enabling commerce

For the last 20 years, Visa has counted on the mainframe to deliver 100% availability — enabling commerce for billions of consumers. Visa is the world's largest electronic payment network, connecting merchants and customers to move nearly 7 trillion dollars in payment volume. But for Visa, it's about more than simple payment — it's about creating innovative electronic payment systems like mobile point-of-sale technology that enables everyone, everywhere, to access modern commerce and achieve what they'd only dreamed. To learn more, visit:

IBM Mainframe: FNB provides upward mobility for Africa through mobile banking

The First National Bank of South Africa hasn't just enabled mobile banking across Africa, it's enabled upward mobility. And FNB's mobile banking shows no signs of slowing. Across online and mobile banking channels, volumes have reached 234 and 175 million transactions per month, respectively. To help support this massive growth and meet demand, FNB has turned to the mainframe for a reliable, secure infrastructure. With it, FNB is reaching new customers in new ways. This new online banking landscape is allowing people in Africa to make better decisions and run better businesses. As Tinashe Ruzane, Head of Business Development and Special Projects with the Awethu Project, is quoted, "That's creating the cycle of growth and I think data is at the center of that."

IBM's Master the Mainframe Contest in India

IBM's Master the Mainframe contest is inspiring students at RCC Institute of Information Technology in Kolkata, India to explore enterprise computing. Learn about the contest at Through a series of exciting challenges, students gain valuable hands-on mainframe coding experience and a competitive edge for internship and job opportunities. To learn more about Master the Mainframe, visit: