#FatGirlsCan Blogger’s Book Released in Paperback

#FatGirlsCan Blogger’s Book Released in Paperback October 28, 2015 by Justin McGee Leave a Comment Earlier this week, Jes Baker’s book Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, published by Seal Press, was released in paperback. Baker is known as the #FatGirlsCan blogger; her blog, The Militant Baker, encourages people to find a way to move past the what much of the media put forw ...Read the full article

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls Trailer

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is a manifesto, call to arms, and an invitation to reject fat prejudice, fight body-shaming at the hands of the media, and join this life-changing movement with one step: change the world by loving your body. Find out more here: http://www.thingsnoonewilltellfatgirls.com Find the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Things-One-Will-Tell-Girls/dp/1580055826/ WANT TO JOIN IN ON THE FUN? Here's how: To participate in the #FatGirlsCan challenge: 1.) Think of something that someone said you couldn't do because of your body. 2.) Take a photo of you DOING that thing that someone said you couldn't. 3.) Tag that photo on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #FatGirlsCan. 4.) Celebrate your awesomeness. 5.) Repeat #4 as many times as you like. Written by: Jes Baker Publishing date: October 27, 2015 Published by: Seal Press Trailer by: Steve McMackin of Impulse Nine Media Visit here: http://www.impulsenine.com/