How sports comedy site The Kicker plans to get brands involved

Sports and brands are intertwined. It’s impossible to watch a game or sports show without being inundated with sponsored messages during the actual program. But while sponsorship opportunities are ubiquitous, there is still a lot more brands can do in sports. It’s an area that The Kicker, a new sports-focused comedy site from “SNL” co-head writer Bryan Tucker, hopes to take advantage of.Read the full article

Every Press Conference Ever (ft. Weird Al Yankovic)

Whether your team wins or loses, this is what the press conference sounds like after the game. Every time. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Cast & Credits CAST Weird Al Yankovic, Jason Small, Kirk Johnson, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Brian Gaar, Kris Betts, John Ramsey, Byron Brown, & Ryan Darbonne CREW Written & Directed by John Ramsey and David Ward Produced by Russell Groves, John Ramsey, and David Ward Edited by David Ward The Kicker Producer: Brendan McMorrow ----

College Athlete Sells Name - Leon Home Depot

Leon [Your Brand Here] has found a loophole in NCAA bylaws that allows him to finally be paid. An Over the Line investigation. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: CAST Chris Redd as Leon Home Depot Drew Brooks as Chris Robbins Dave Theune as Dana Frick Frances Callier as Dottie Miller­Gaines Rana Raines as Haagen­Dazs Scott McCabe as Tampax Hitoshi MasakiI as Burger King Ryan Pratton as Coach Trevor Tory Stanton as Red­carded soccer player CREW Written & Directed by Two Trick Pony Production Coordinator - Jennifer McLaughlin DP - Justin Potter Production Designer - Buckle Nagle Costumer Designer - Desi Aguilar Hair & Makeup - Amanda Nilo Production Sound - Patrick Joyner 1st AC - Rob Kaneshi Gaffer - Morgan Demeter Production Assistant - Gareth Imparato Production Assistant: Matias Anaya Editor: Zephyr Muntari The Kicker Producer: Brendan McMorrow