The 5 Best Halloween Content Marketing Campaigns of All Time

by Tessa Wegert
It’s as predictable as the arrival of Jon Snow at your costume party, but come October, brands launch Halloween-themed campaigns. And while we’ve seen some great Halloween ads over the years, what about campaigns that go beyond the typical TV spot? Let’s explore five of the best Halloween content marketing efforts of all time and exhume some takeaways that you can apply to future campaigns. 1.Read the full article

Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

We convinced passengers to get an innocent car wash-and had some of the undead meet the unsuspecting drivers. WARNING: Video may cause nightmares and inspire pranks. Happy Halloween! Closed course. Do not attempt. Special thanks to Erebus for costumes, makeup and special effects and The Work for production. Erebus: The Work: For more Spooky Car Wash Pranks: Ford Tumblr: For more Ford content: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

So Real it's Scary

LG IPS Monitors. So Real, it's scary! To find out more about IPS visit our blog:

  • Tide’s Halloween Vines Are Now Everywhere - 14 readers, 191 Tweets - Advertising is under attack by Vine videos, which are wrapping around Twitter streams, TV sets—and now getting entangled with billboards, thanks to Tide. The Procter & Gamble brand is using creative from its onslaught of Halloween-themed Vine spots in digital out-of-home ads in 11 markets; they run through Oct. 31.