The Best Branded Content of October

by Joe Lazauskas
A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called, “Why Your Brand Needs to Have an Opinion.” It was a quick piece to write, but it struck a chord. Many folks shared it, and others reached out to me with some version of “Amen!” or “YES THIS!” or “Hi Joe—our digital agency can help with your brand opinion if you have time for a 27 minute call!” I think it resonated because I wasn’t ju ...Read the full article

HumanKinda - Full Length

Do we need more of doing less? Is busyness robbing us of our humanity? Are you so busy that you're actually kind of surprised you read this far? In this short film, host Sam Richardson explores our need to stay busy and how it affects our happiness by following the lives of two crazy-busy people in an attempt to find out if humankind is becoming humankinda.

My OOO Message

I'm currently disconnected from my devices while swimming with a sea turtle named Jeff. So, no Internet for me...