‘You cannot bullshit them': An insider’s guide to advertising in Israel

by Tanya Dua
This is Global Creative series highlights the nuances of the advertising scene in different parts of the world through the eyes of an established local creative. The tremendous growth of Israel’s tech sector in recent years has earned the country the nicknames “Startup Nation” and “Silicon Wadi.” But the tech boom has also had a huge impact on the nation’s advertising industry ...Read the full article

ZUZU // a personal virtual trainer APP

Quite a few brands have been linked to the sports world, most of them regard their brand values as synonymous with the values of the sports world: leadership, achievement, striving for a goal, and the list goes on … even Turkish coffee, due to its caffeine content, helps to increase stamina in sporting activities by shortening a task time, aiding delayed fatigue, and performing a higher-intensity sports. 23% of the population in Israel are already aware and familiar with the benefits of drinking Turkish coffee, and mainly of the link between drinking Turkish coffee and improved achievements in sports. In view of these figures, we decided to launch a unique marketing project that will produce a significant value to consumers while consolidating and strengthening the link between Turkish coffee and exercise. How? By giving consumers the right tools. We will help the ‘couch potatoes” get off the sofa to start a sporting activity, and do it in the correct and most professional way. So, we decided to create the ZUZU app under the Elite Turkish Coffee brand. This app is effectively a personal virtual trainer who will manage to pull from the couch. Yes, a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, that will help you run or enable you to do combined strength and cardio training. The great benefits of this app, on top of the fact that it appeals to the average person and gives them professional tools, are just as important as its substance: Availability – You can work out anytime and pre-set training session times relevant to each person in every hour of the day. Personal training – The app has a personal virtual trainer for every user, who is familiar with the relevant parameters of each individual, puts together a personal training program for them and updates it according to the feedback received from the user at the end of each workout. Economical – Download the use is free! Aren’t you tired of paying the gym? Welcome to Zuzu. Two are better than one – The app allows you to sign up for group training nationwide with professional fitness trainers, and forms a platform for social interactions based on common interest. So what do we actually have here? A two-way, long-term platform that integrates into consumers’ daily life to give them significant functional and emotional value while connecting them to the brand values.

אבא'לה – סדרת האבות של האגיס: תקופת ההריון

איך אבא עובר את תקופת ההיריון? האם חייבים ללכת לקורס הכנה ללידה? מה עדיף, בת או בן? ואיך להתמודד עם ההורמונים של ההריונית

תלמה: ברנפלקס – דנית באירופה הסרטון המלא

דנית נחתה באירופה לצילומים של קליפ נדיר. אבל מה הבעיה? צפו בסרטון וגלו מה הטריף את דנית הפעם. http://branflakes.co.il/ מנכ"ל: יוסי לובטון מנהל קריאייטיב ראשי: נדב פרסמן מנהל קריאייטיב: ערן ניר קופי: איל פדן, רן אבן ארט: אורי חסון סמנכ"לית הפקה: דורית גווילי מנהלת הפקה: גלי שטרקמן סמנכ"לית לקוחות: שני שאול סופרוויזרית: מיכל פופוב תקציבאית: דניאל שוורץ סמנכ"ל אסטרטגיה: שי ניסנבוים סופרווייזר פלנינג: רוני אריסון פלנר: רועי גורטלר במאי: אוהב פלנץ עורך: בועז מן חברת הפקה: תפארת בית פוסט: גרויטי סאונד: סאונדהאוס טראפיק: רונית דואניס, יעל קאופמן