‘There will still be TV thousands of years from now': Y&R global CEO David Sable

Young & Rubicam’s global CEO David Sable is not worried about the future of television. “The future of TV is powerful,” he said in a conversation with Digiday following a presentation to advertisers and media companies in New York. “There will still be TV thousands of years from now. It might be broadcast into your brain telekinetically, but it will still be TV.Read the full article

Y&R CEO David Sable "TODAY BEGINS THE NEXT CHAPTER" Last Day on Madison Ave 4/26/13

The last day at "285"....Young & Rubicam had been at the same location on Madison Avenue for 87 years, moved today, parting words and message for the future from CEO David Sable. I worked there in the Mad Men days, my first job in advertising.