A Lesson in Digital Out Of Home

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes, 40 seconds You probably noticed it was #BacktotheFutureDay a couple of weeks ago, which means you’ve likely seen all the memes and articles lamenting the lack of hoverboards in the present day. What else are we missing, here in 2015, which features in Back to the Future 2? Mr. Fusion? Nope. Fax machines in every home? Er, not so much.Read the full article

Jaws 19 - Trailer

Jaws 19 - Trailer Coming Soon. This time, it's really, really personal. http://uphe.biz/BTTF30thAnni #BTTF2015 #Jaws19

  • Google Outside: the inside story

    wired.co.uk - 11 readers, 104 Tweets - Google is taking over 175 digital billboards in London to deliver real time, relevant information about what’s going on in the city, with help from five of its own APIs

  • Disney's Mall Prank Will Make Your Day

    huffingtonpost.com - 7 readers, 254 Tweets - With New York in the grips of record low temperatures, it might seem like only a little Disney magic could thaw the place out. And that's just what some unsuspecting shoppers in a Long Island mall got

  • Oreo takes advantage of solar eclipse in #Oreoeclipse campaign

    thedrum.com - 8 readers, 150 Tweets - Oreo has launched a campaign to coincide with today's (20 March) solar eclipse to amplify its current global push Play with Oreo....