‘We’re a Media Company Now’: Inside Marriott’s Incredible Money-Making Content Studio

by Joe Lazauskas
When you walk into the ground floor of Marriott’s headquarters, it fittingly looks like the lobby of a modern hotel—chic white lounges, cozy pods, even a friendly receptionist. But then you notice nine flashing screens encased in glass walls, like a TV control room that has been teleported from Hollywood to Bethesda, Maryland. In a way, it has.Read the full article

French Kiss Official Film

French Kiss has arrived! Travel to Paris with us right here. Travel should inspire and delight. It should remind you that anything is possible. But for Ethan (Tyler Ritter), an international business traveler, his trip to Paris has been all work, no inspiration. In town to speak at an innovation and technology conference at the Marriott Champs Elysees, Ethan has spent his time in the city of lights preparing for his speech until his laptop goes missing. Margaux (Margot Luciarte), a beautiful young Parisian woman, wants to pull Ethan out of his work-only mindset and into her brilliant world of wonder and adventure. Through magical realism that can only happen in Paris, Margaux captures Ethan's imagination with a string of clues, showing him the beauty of the city through her eyes. As we follow Ethan on his journey of exploration, we fall under Margaux's spell, wishing to put our screens away and experience the world around us. When the two finally meet in front of the Eiffel Tower, Ethan will see with his own eyes that the choice has always been up to him. French Kiss Official Website: http://frenchkissfilm.marriott.com/ For updates, please follow us on Instagram - http://travel-brilliant.ly/hXqE8H Twitter - http://travel-brilliant.ly/2BwDqs Facebook - http://travel-brilliant.ly/2wGX6H Pinterest - http://travel-brilliant.ly/6oQIlT YouTube - http://travel-brilliant.ly/yirXDV