Launching My Free Digital Marketing YouTube Academy

by Ian Lopuch
I recently posted about my ambitious Social Media Content Calendar Strategy, the plan that outlines how I drive value for those kind PPC Ian readers who follow me across social media. Those who read the entire post (it was a long one), may have noticed that my strategy was a little weak on YouTube.Read the full article

Conversion Per Impression (Maximizing Ad Copy Testing)

When testing ad copy, don't just look at click-through-rates (CTRs) and don't just look at conversion rates. Analyze the full funnel via conversion per impression, one of my favorite digital marketing concepts. The conversion per impression mindset will transform your ad copy testing program and Internet marketing.

Audio Beacons and How They Transform Television (TV) Advertising

Audio beacons are a new concept in the world of marketing, one that ties together the television (TV) and digital (mobile) worlds. Learn what audio beacons are, and how they can change your online and offline marketing strategies.

Micro Conversions and How They Empower Your Digital Marketing

I'm a huge fan of micro conversions. For today's digital marketing definition, I explore this exciting topic of micro conversions and how they can impact your online marketing and business strategy. Please stay tuned for more digital marketing definitions and insights!

Programmatic Advertising and Retargeting Tips

Programmatic Advertising is perhaps the hottest topic in digital marketing right now. Today I'm thrilled to define this topic and outline how programmatic display advertising could help grow your business. Thanks for watching my digital marketing definition of the day, and stay tuned for more online marketing insights.

View-Through Conversions and Display Advertising

I'm thrilled to talk about view-through conversions and how they impact your display advertising and digital marketing program. Learn what view-through conversions are, how to measure their true value, and how to scale your programmatic display advertising. Thanks for watching my digital marketing definition of the day, and I'll see you in the next video!

Retargeting (Remarketing) - Your Digital Marketing Safety Net

I'm thrilled to discuss the retargeting (also known as remarketing) digital marketing channel. This channel has the power to transform your business, and is your digital marketing safety net. Learn all about retargeting and how I personally leverage this channel.