NamesCon hotel “scam” doing the rounds

by Kevin Murphy
A company with a track record of misleading conference attendees into booking hotels with higher fees appears to be targeting NamesCon. This morning I received a phone call from somebody claiming to be from NamesCon, but he pronounced it “Name Escon”. I asked him what company he worked for, and he continued to insist he worked for “Name Escon”.Read the full article

(Exhibitors Housing Management Scam) Ripoff Report EHM Scam

Exhibitors Housing Management Scam Ripoff Report EHM Scam 310.592.1813 I can make videos of the company that Scammed you and place it on the first page of Google. If you had been scammed by Exhibitors Housing Management, a German based scam business, 1. Call your credit card and dispute the charges. They will reverse it because they are aware of EHM scam operation. 2. Make a video exposing this scam operation, with the names of the offenders, like Alex Strider in my case, and upload it to Google. 3. They contact exhibitors on any congress, conference they can find and offer lower hotel rates, claiming they work with the hotel and the conference organizers. Those are lies. 4. Alex Strider charges your credit card with the lower promised rate. He tell you he will cancel your other reservation, since he fraudulently claims Exhibitors Housing Management works together with the conference organizers and the hotel. 5. They never make the reservation AND send you emails promising "Your Reservation is completed". I called the hotel and they have not done anything, except charging your credit card. If you have been scammed by ANY company/fraudulent business like EHM, just call me or email me. I can make a video and place it on the first page of Google so Alex Strider and Exhibitors Housing Management reverse your credit card charge. Carlos Caridad 310.592.1813