Align Launches Horoscope-Based Dating App on iOS

Align has announced the official release of its iOS dating app for Millennials, which was built to determine user compatibility based on astrological signs. The app was originally released in Los Angeles, and has now expanded into New York City and San Francisco. To use Align, users login with Facebook and enter their birth date.Read the full article

How To Align: Astrology Dating

DO YOU. Tired of swiping left and right, without knowing anything about the person behind the selfie? Put soul into your dating experience on Align, a new app that uses your astrological sign to determine your compatibility. You're the center of your universe, it's time to find the right stars. Download Align: DIRECTED & EDITED BY: MICHELLE ALEXIS NEWMAN STARRING: MARIEL NETO WRITTEN BY: GABRIEL GROSSMAN HAIR & MAKEUP: GILLIAN LEOS WARDROBE ASSISTANTS: KIRA COOK & TASHINA HUNTER PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: ERIKA EIE & ZOE KLAR