WTF is freebooting?

This is the latest in a series of articles that explains, in plain English, new technology tools and platforms that are changing the face of digital media. See other entries here. Facebook is under fire from some of the video creators whose content has helped the social network emerge as a social video powerhouse. In the past year, Facebook has grown from 1 billion to 8 billion views per day.Read the full article

How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views

Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating and worst of all: theft. All of this is wildly known but the media giant Facebook is pretending everything is fine, while damaging independent creators in the process. How does this work? Hank Greens Article: Video by Smartereveryday: Video about Youtube content ID by YMS: Other sources used in this video: Get the music of the video here: How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views Help us caption & translate this video!