Give us a break: Now Kit Kat is petitioning for its own emoji

If Durex can get people to use the condom emoji to promote safe (and sensual!) sex, than Kit Kat is hoping its candy bar emoji ignites the same attitude toward leisurely rests. Kit Kat is the latest brand to petition the Unicode Consortium, a.k.a. emoji overlords, an icon of its chocolate-coated wafer biscuit onto people’s keyboards.Read the full article

😊☕⚽🎮 #thebreakemoji 🎮⚽☕😊

🙌⚡😀 Celebrate your break with the power of emoji! 🙌⚡😀 📝➡💻 ➡💻: For all of you who love to break, we are asking you for a little support to help our campaign. A campaign to get the word ‘break’ recognized as an emoji and added to the emoji lexicon. We have submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium and we ask you, the fans of breaks, to show how the power of emoji can make your break better. Please help us by signing our petition, or tweet your support with #thebreakemoji, or save the break emoji from our Twitter & Facebook posts to your phone and show the world how you break! Have a /‘\, Have a KITKAT