23 Conversion-Boosting WordPress Plugins

by Sharon Hurley Hall
WordPress rules the web. The latest stats show that: 25% of the top 10 million sites by Alexa rank use WordPress every 74 seconds a new site within that group starts using WordPress 48% of all content management systems tracked by BuiltWith use WordPress (W3Techs puts the figure at 58.7%) That means if you’re talking about conversion rate optimization (CRO) for a website, the ...Read the full article

Thrive Leads: Demo of this WordPress List-Building Plugin

http://thrivethemes.com/leads/ A look at the first version of Thrive Leads: a new mailing list building plugin for WordPress. Check out how this plugin can replace multiple other plugins and how features are built in that make it easy for you to grow you list faster than ever before. For those familiar, this plugin is the new and improved replacement for the previously available Hybrid Connect plugin.

How to get traffic from Twitter - TweetDis Plugin for Wordpress

More information here: http://www.tweetdis.com/ The real secret to getting huge traffic from Twitter is making your content "tweetable". When visitors tweet your content - they bring new visitors, which may also give it a tweet. This created a viral loop that brings more and more people to your website. One of the proven tactics of creating such viral loop is to give your visitors something very specific to tweet - Tweetable Quotes. Embed some tweetable quotes into your articles and you'll see that people will start tweeting them, spreading the word about your content. Try TweetDis for creating Tweetable Quotes.

WordPress Calls to Action Plugin

Download for free: http://wordpress.org/plugins/cta/

Getting Started With WP Rocket

An overview of the settings in WP Rocket including our recommended settings. http://wp-rocket.me

Simple Page Tester split testing plugin for WordPress

The Simple Page Tester plugin lets you split test pages and posts in WordPress without having to edit a single line of code. After installing the plugin you will be able to: - Conduct really simple split testing with a step by step interface - Run split tests without having to insert lines of code into your templates - Track your results easily with goals in Google Analytics - Declare the winner of your split test and have it automatically morph into the master page while removing the other variation (saving you the clean up) We've taken the complicated task of split testing, an activity that is crucial to your success as a webmaster online, and made it as simple as possible. To learn more about Simple Page Tester plugin for WordPress visit http://simplepagetester.com