How to do awesome keyword research with Semrush? [FREE Semrush Pro inside]

by Jane Sheeba
Keyword research forms a very crucial part of running a blog. Now, if you think that keyword research is all related to SEO, you are wrong. Keyword research is related to SEO of course; but it is not all SEO. So if you are ignoring keyword research because you don’t know SEO, you should think again. In fact you should not ignore SEO; search engines help your readers to find you.Read the full article

How to find awesome keywords with Semrush [Free pro account]

Since keyword research is highly crucial for a successful content marketing strategy, you cannot afford to waste time on that! Semrush is a great tool to help you find awesome keywords for your content creation process. In this video I explain how you can combine three angles to narrow down to awesome keywords. You also get a 14 day FREE trial of Semrush PRO account by clicking this link - (this gives you a chance to try out all the tips I share in this video). For full details about the stuff I discuss in this video, please refer to the original blog post -