Priceline’s top innovation hurdle: ‘the cost of coordination’’s director of product planning and strategy, Scott Lake, said that the company’s approach to innovation changed when it recognized an important rule of thumb. “The cost of coordination is too high,” Lake said during the Digiday Brand Summit Monday. From there, Priceline overhauled the way it jumps into action when someone within the company has a new, innovative idea.Read the full article

The internal collaboration conundrum l Digiday

Many companies today serve as umbrellas for multiple brands, some are well known while others keep well hidden. How does a large company with multiple brands manage the day-to-day strategies and execution of ideas? What happens when an organization has too many departments, across various cities and countries? We will explore tactics to successfully set up and manage internal structures for efficiency and effectiveness. SCOTT LAKE director of product planning & strategy At the Digiday Brand Summit, hear from leaders in brand marketing on how they choose the right external and internal partners to move their brands forward and improve the bottom line. For more information visit: VISIT us: LIKE us on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW us on TWITTER: FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM: