Niche Site Project 3.0 Video Finalists…Vote Now!

by Spencer Haws
Yes! I Love to Learn Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income? Jake, Perrin, and I have just spent the last few days binge watching over 100 Niche Site Project 3 application videos. I have to tell you that I honestly experienced a huge range of emotions while watching these amazing videos.Read the full article

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant - Ryan Spadafora

I'm throwing my hat in the ring for the, Niche Site Project 3.0 Student! That was kind of a mouthful. Anyway, thanks Spencer, Perrin, Jake and everyone else at the community for taking the time to watch my video. Hope you enjoy! PS - I think my hair looks great in this video.

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant - Samara

My application to be a student in Niche Site Project 3.0... Many thanks to Spencer, Perrin and Jake at for this opportunity and good luck to all the other applicants!

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant

Checkout for more info!

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant - The Journey

This is my application video for the Niche Site Project 3.0. I would be amazingly happy and thankful to be one of the three students. Furthermore I would be pleased to share the experience with the lovely community. A few details about myself: - My Name is Matthias or just Matt - I’m 28 years old and live in Switzerland - Studied Business Economics and Project Management - Last 3 years: Head of Datacenter Deployments at Green Datacenter AG (Swiss ICT Company) - Due to my demanding job I couldn't make enough time for the web projects I'm working on but had my first little success. That's why: - I quit my job in Switzerland by the end of October 2015 not only to travel but also to work on my private projects. My actual goal is being completely independent within the next two years working on online businesses. Disclaimer: - I misused my actual journey through South East Asia for marketing purposes :-) - Even though the TukTuk-Driver seemed a bit confused. We had quite a bit of fun and I payed him well for his efforts.

Niche site project 3 applicant: Tom

My application for the niche site project 3. Big thanks to Spencer, Jake and Perrin. Check out for one of the strongest training resources around.

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant: The Force Awakens

Join the movement at A vote for me will save a tree. The environment thanks you in advance!

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant - Joey and Christina

Joey wants to get some side income going. Christina does too, but both realize they need some help from Spencer, Perrin, and Jake at! Will they get the help they need?

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant - James

Hello community! Very excited to see all the people applying for the Niche Site Project 3 opportunity. Regardless who is selected, I think we're going to get some great information and content on the latest in Keyword Research, SEO, and website monetization techniques - very much looking forward to this process as a student or member of the audience. Check out and follow the latest from Niche Pursuits: Blog - Podcast - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube -

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant - Tom (Extended Version)

My application for! It's 30 seconds over the time limit, but just shut it down if you get bored before the end ;) Cheers! Tom

Niche Site Project 3 Applicant #777

A little video for my future friends at By: Josh W. Niche Site Project 3 Applicant #777.

Skyler Osborn - Nice Site Project 3 Applicant

My video inroduction to's Niche Site Project 3.0

Niche Site Project 3 - Renee Hood

Niche Site Project 3 - Renee Hood