Third Person Shooter Fantastic Plastic Squad Launches on iOS

Pound Sand announced the release of its first game, Fantastic Plastic Squad, on iOS. Published by WG Cells, the mobile publishing arm of, the third-person shooter allows players to collect dozens of 1980s-style action figures and head into battle against Dr. Demonocle and his Legion of Goons.Read the full article

FANTASTIC PLASTIC SQUAD (iOS & Apple TV) -- Raw Gameplay Footage

AVAILABLE NOW: Fantastic Plastic Squad is a free-to-play, fast-paced third-person shooter in which players collect and control dozens of 1980s-style, five-inch-tall action figures that have come-to-life to battle against the nefarious Dr. Demonocle and his Legion of Goons. Players can choose between the heroic Cyber Squad, the noble HeroBots or the enchanting Glamazons to defend their home from the hordes of evil. Each figure is customizable with weapons and accessories, allowing for millions of possible combinations for players to create truly unique heroes to launch into battle.