Mobile Game Roundup: The Incorruptibles, The Walls and More

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? There are plenty of new options to try, including Nords: Heroes of the North from Plarium. Originally released on Facebook, the base-building strategy game allows players to recruit an army to defeat the evil Ice Queen. Elsewhere, D3 GO! and Wizards of the Coast released Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest on mobile.Read the full article

The Incorruptibles - Official Trailer

DOWNLOAD on the APP STORE TODAY: COMING SOON ON ANDROID Developed by BonusXP & many of the creative minds behind the popular Age of Empires and Halo Wars franchises, The Incorruptibles is a true REAL-TIME STRATEGY game that combines intense combat & resource management with a robust hero crafting system that allows players to collect loot and resources to craft & level up their collection of heroes. Built from the ground up to deliver a deep and entertaining strategy experience with more player control and shorter play sessions for today’s portable gaming devices. Play as The Incorruptibles, a clan of unexpected heroes battling the Corrupted - an evil force intent on burning & destroying the lush & vibrant islands of the Realm. FEATURES: Take control of your heroes in real-time Engage in epic, fast-paced battles Unleash your hero's devastating attacks Save and expand your kingdom from the Corrupted Declare war against other players worldwide Unlock and collect over 24 powerful heroes to defend the Realm Upgrade your hero abilities with crafting items Modes: Story, Skirmish, & Asynch PVP Enjoy rich and vibrant best-in-class graphics

BEBOP Puzzle Beat - Trailer

Jazztastic! Bebop Puzzle Beat is now available on the App Store!

Love and Dragons [Official Trailer]

Available for iPad: Official web site: Official Facebook page: Love and Dragons is the newest hidden objects game by Game Insight who created the magnificent Mystery Manor and the mystical Mirrors of Albion. The game takes place in the magical world, where dragons live - in the world of warriors and mages, of love and betrayal, of honor and infamy. You will encounter intrigue, crime and magical swirls of secrets and mysteries, will be able to make friends with the dragons and learn a lot of legends about them. You will be accompanied by Miralda, a girl who has a hard lot, and it's you to decide whether she will find her true love or die according to an ancient prophecy. Following the unexpected twists and turns of the story, you will find answers to difficult questions, complete a lot of interesting quests and prevent the invasion of demons of the abyss. Key features: Amazing hidden objects game will take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of magic Lots of characters with their own unique background, nature and hobbies Hard fight with the criminal bosses and the creatures of the abyss Unexpected plot twists, mystery and intrigue Convenient friends system allowing you to help each other and play together Great graphics and sound You will be able to make friends with dragons, take part in the liberation of the empire and to make peace between the warring states. Make it into the legend together with Game Insight!

Maritime Kingdom - Official Trailer

AVAILABLE ON IPAD, IPHONE, GOOGLE PLAY! - PLAY NOW! Maritime Kingdom is a breathtaking sea-based city builder strategy. The fictional world of Maritime Kingdom resembles Medieval Europe. Build a bustling port city with a thriving economy and become the most influential trader of the seas! Explore new islands and continents with a vast range of ships available. Exciting adventures await you in this interactive world! Features: • More than 30 various resources for trade and prosperity • Complex achievements system • High game variability: every action can totally change the game course • All kinds of enemies: the unpredictable pirates and the hostile local tribes • Deep strategy: think twice before making your next move and try to divine your enemies’ actions • Educative content: complete missions in different parts of the world – it’s an easy and pleasant way to improve your geography *** Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at Play Now!

Country Friends - Official Launch Trailer

Time to grow Some Fun with Country Friends! Download the game now: Watch more here: Follow us on to enter contests and get more sneak peeks on upcoming content. -------- © 2015 Gameloft. All Rights Reserved.

Tilt: Quill's Quandary - Game Trailer

Game trailer for Tilt: Quill's Quandary. Check us out on the App Store: Say "Ahoy!" to everyone's (second) favorite video-game hedgehog. The intrepid Captain Quill has lost his hat and it'll take all the mettle you can muster to recover it. Tilt your device a little to roll our chubby champion. Tilt your device a lot to slide the cargo and rearrange it to grant him safe passage. Features: •Cratefuls of content: 100 levels of mind-bending, deck-tilting, hog-rolling, physics-based gameplay. •Test your wits, not your wallet: No luck, no purchases. Just challenging, hand-crafted puzzles. •Pick it up in an instant: Literally! Intuitive, accelerometer-based controls create a unique, enjoyable experience. •Feast your eyes: Beautifully detailed illustrations optimized for all your iOS devices. •Feast your ears: A jaunty and original score, inspired by relaxing classics to soothe your fevered brain. •Easter Eggs: The sea has its secrets. Think you've got what it takes to uncover them?

Cradle of Empires

When boring, uninventive match-3 puzzles prevail and all hope is lost, it all comes down to one single game … Cradle of Empires! Become the Chosen One and help the ancient empire rise from the ruins in this adventurous match-3 game with a rich storyline, thrilling quests and captivating characters! Cradle of Empires is an exciting — yet cool, calm and collected — family-friendly adventure. It takes you on a breathtaking odyssey that challenges your matching, building and collecting skills. With the help from Nimiru and Egyptian settlers, you can break the Amrun’s curse and restore the ancient civilization to its former glory. Step up and become the secret weapon in the triumph of good over evil! Play now: WHAT MAKES THE GAME SPECIAL? ● Unique gameplay mix: You make matches, build a grand city and go on an adventure all in one … How awesome is that? ● Mega-sized adventure: You’ll be immersed in this engaging adventurous story with unexpected twists, gripping quests and memorable characters. ● Ancient cities and civilizations: You collect resources by playing match-3 levels, which help you rebuild the cities that evil had destroyed. ● Different game modes: You play 6 different match-3 modes, a variety you won’t find anywhere else. ● Many power-ups: You can earn a diversity of bonuses, power-ups and amulets — you’ll develop your own strategy for using them. ● Regular updates: You’ll never run out of new adventures as you’ll get new buildings, quests, bonuses, levels and whole civilizations in future updates. STAY TUNED Have more fun: Find us on: Follow us on:!/awem Watch us on: Enjoy our art on:

ZED Trailer

ZED coming Dec 2015 to the App Store

Lost Souls: Timeless Fables, Collector's Edition for Google Play

Plunge into this awe-inspiring sequel to the breathtaking adventure Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings! Explore eye-catching locations, meet amazing characters, play tricky mini-games and solve the mystery of Bella’s brother disappearance! Play now:

Mechanic Escape - Mobile Trailer

Grab it on iTunes: - Google Play : - Amazon : In a world oppressed by ruthless machines, a stronghold full of die-hard TV-sets resists the persecution. Your lost friends and the lack of resources drive you to take action against the extinction. Brave the dangers and go find your comrades to rescue your species! Mechanic escape is a platform game full of infernal chases. In order to find his lost friends, Mech (the hero) doesn't hesitate to play the human cannonball, to pass throughout high-voltage areas or even dodge the most deadly machines. As if that was not enough, many bosses will take a real pleasure in chasing you to stop your insane journey. Mechanic Escape is a challenge for the most experienced players, that aims to defy your reflexes. Prepare yourself for a delirious escape combining rhythm and fun. A breathtaking adventure! ▪ 80 levels ▪ A hardcore game ▪ An original universe ▪ Plenty of achievements to unlock ▪ Optimized for external controllers ▪ Android TV support Reviews (PC): “The game ends up being a cool combination of Super Meat Boy’s insane difficulty and Rayman’s vibrant art style and replayability” 8/10 – The Gamescouts “A classic and efficient die & retry, that will delight the admirers of this kind of game” 18/20 – Gamergen “Your patience and your platforming skills will be tested to their highest levels” 8/10 – That videogame blog Do not watch TV, play it. Mechanic Escape developed by Slak Games, Optimized and Published on Mobile by Playdigious under licence from Plug In Digital

Quadrantic - a puzzle in four directions (iOS, Apple TV)

Quadrantic is a game in four directions. Swipe to stack pieces of the same color or size in any of the quadrants. As pieces stack amongst each other, things will get more and more difficult, plus did we mention there's a time limit for any move? (Did we also mention the time limit gets smaller as you progress?) Quadrantic is the final game in the geometric puzzle trilogy that started with Triangulae and Ocopoco. Enjoy!

A New Beginning iOS Trailer

A scientist saves the world: former bio-engineer Bent Svensson had to reluctantly step back from his research of alternate energy sources. Now the workaholic spends his involuntary retirement in the remote solitude of the Norwegian woods. But one day, a strange visitor knocks on his door: a young woman called Fay claims to be sent from the future to prevent a devastating climate disaster. And the only chance of saving the world is Bent’s research. However, the scientist’s work is about to fall into the hands of a callous industry tycoon. Bent eventually decides to trust the strange woman – but did she really tell him the truth? A New Beginning for iPad:

Devouring Stars - iOS Trailer

Harvest stars and fight with black holes in a magnificent RTS set into the cosmos. Devouring Stars is a real-time strategy game based on adaptative unit combination and space resources harvesting. Devouring Stars aspires to bring a different scope to the RTS genre while offering visual and audio refinement. In Devouring Stars, you play a tribe of godlike entities trapped in Tartarus, a corner of the universe as far beneath hell as heaven is high above the earth. Hunted by 4 other tribes, you have been given the ability to draw your own fate. But to what extent? To defend themselves, those entities have the ability to devour starfields and create dynamic protective nebulae or to merge to grow into more advanced units with special abilities (freezing enemies, taking control of them, attacking them from afar, etc.). Depending on the set of entities a game is started with, different strategies may be unfolded. Devouring Stars is mainly inspired by Dan Simmons' Illium but also by games like Homeworld, Eufloria, Starcraft or Faster Than Light. FEATURES - 15 advanced entities to unlock by merging the 4 basic ones (earth, air, fire, water) - Generated starfields offering a wide range of beautiful and differently balanced layouts - Thousands of different settings through generated scenarios - Direct attack, escape route, diversion... There are plenty of ways to play the game depending on your strategic choices, entities and enemies - 4 enemy tribes with specific features and behaviors - Unique particle system displaying thousands of dynamic stars - And some well hidden secrets... PRESS “If you’re stirring up a fictional war for a video game, I’d be far more interested in unknowable celestial entities weaponising the very cosmos, devouring and merging stars to create colossal murdertools.” - Rock, Paper, Shotgun “A minimalist RTS, but one that doesn't lack for depth of strategy.” - IndieGames Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Add us on Google Plus: Visit our website:

Sentence Wars Preview

Available for the iPhone December 9th! Music: "Life of Riley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Combine oil blotches in ramen soup with your chopsticks like you always do!

Android iPhone/iPad/mini Been there, done that - we've all combined oil blotches floating in ramen soup with our chopsticks at least once, haven't we? "Always Ramen" is an app where you do just that. With this app, you will no longer need to make ramen to entertain yourself. You can also enjoy your soup without worrying about the fun you might be losing. A realistic ramen soup surface will appear in your hands - it's time to touch, stir, and combine blotches to your heart's content! For a start, combine 10,000 floating blotches. Something tasty is sure to happen. [ Features ] - Combine ramen oil blotches anytime, anywhere. - You no longer need to make ramen to enjoy this pastime! - Three realistic ramen types with different texture and flavors. [ Custom Settings ] We've added many options to guarantee the optimal ramen oil-blotch joining experience for your taste & device. - Toggle eating noise in demo (ON/OFF) - Change oil-soup contrast - Toggle frame rate display - Toggle display of bonus point popups - Limit number of blotches on-screen - great for older or less powerful devices [ Recommended for ] - People who can't help but join blotches after a bowl of ramen. - People who enjoy ramen but also drink the soup and don't normally get to enjoy this marvelous pastime. - Slow-eaters who always seem to be the last one to start joining blotches. - People looking for a way to kill time.

Spunge Invaders Trailer - OUT NOW

From beyond the stars they've come to suck us dry! The Spunges are invading your planet! Destroy them before they get away with the planets precious water supply. Become the hero and prepare for the ultimate battle! DOWNLOAD: Presskit: ***Join the Spunge family!!*** Follow the team: Become friends: Dinosaur selfies: Watch Cartoons:

Song of Pan [Thumbspire] iOS & tvOS

Available now on iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV: Come along on an Epic adventure through the slopes of Mount Olympus. In this puzzle platformer, you play the role of Pan, a young satyr who must recover Zeus’ flock of sheep through the use of his enchanting flute. Use strategy to collect music notes that will activate your flute. Solve complex puzzles to make a safe pathway for the sheep. Choose your steps wisely as you navigate through groves, rocks, ruins & cliffs and herd the sheep to safety. On this journey, there are many trials and tribulations you will encounter. What rewards will you reap as the result of your accomplishment? The Gods may have a bigger plan in store for you, Pan. Read more...

The Walls (Ketchapp)

iOS : Android : Bounce between the walls and follow the path until you reach the exit of each level! Just tap the screen at the right moment to move the ball on the next path. Collect gems to unlock new balls and try not to fall off the edges! How far can you go?